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Josh: The Clear Conservative

Josh Schoemann is the clear conservative to become the first county executive in Wisconsin’s reddest county. 

  1. Use the word Conservative: Josh calls himself a conservative. His opponent does not. A literature comparison shows this. 
  2. Walker Recall: On November 15, 2011, the day the Walker Recall began, Josh was interviewed by WISN-TV supporting Walker’s key reform and declared it was working. Josh’s support was featured on Walker’s website: Josh’s opponent is supported and funded by recall signers. 
  3. Josh Votes: Josh was the only candidate to vote for Governor Walker in 2010. Josh’s opponent did not vote in the 2010 election. Josh’s opponent’s voting record also shows he hasn’t voted in a county board election going back to at least 2006. Records show he did not vote in the April 2018 West Bend Referendum which asked to share sales tax – his primary campaign issue.
  4. Prevailing Wage: Josh fought alongside Senator Duey Stroebel and other conservatives to repeal the prevailing wage in 2015. Josh testified in Madison as union protesters attempted to intimidate lawmakers. The reform allowed Josh and his team to #JustFixIt without raising taxes. Josh’s plan was featured by the MacIver Institute. 
  5. Keeping Levy Limits: Josh supports Wisconsin’s strict levy limits. Unlike other local government leaders, Josh opposes increases to levy limits. Instead, Josh has proposed merging and consolidating government to ensure we can continue to lower property taxes. Josh’s opponent is part of the city administration that borrows to get around the limits the minute the conservative mayor is gone. 
  6. Purging Moved Voters: As village clerk in Richfield, Josh demanded the GAB purge the voter rolls of voters who have moved. An issue again nearly a decade later, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty sued on this issue last fall. 
  7. Competitive Bidding for Schools: As Hartford Union School President, Josh testified to add competitive bidding requirements to school projects even as his colleagues and school bureaucrats around the state opposed the bill.  
  8. School Choice: Even as a public school board president, Josh supported school choice and its expansion. He attended a rally at the Capitol with Vice President Mike Pence. Josh, his wife, and kids are products of Lutheran choice schools. 
  9. #JustFixedIt: Josh and his team proposed a plan to #JustFixIt through 2050 without raising taxes. As other local governments beg for new revenue, Josh led his team to solve the problem. 
  10. Cutting the Tax Levy: The county property tax levy is more than $1 million lower than a decade ago. This is after Josh cut the levy $1 million and $250,000 in his first two years as administrator. Josh’s opponent significantly raised taxes as West Bend’s BID director. 
  11. Josh is endorsed by conservative legislators: Senator Scott Fitzgerald, Senator Alberta Darling, Representative Dan Knodl, Representative Rick Gundrum, Representative Rob Brooks, Representative Timothy Ramthun and Representative Mark Born. More than 800 community members join them. 
  12. User Fees over Forced Taxes: Josh followed Governor Walker’s lead to move parks to a fee based system. This allows taxpayers to fund essential government services. Josh sold parks and shifted nearly $1 million in tax levy to the sheriff’s office. Josh’s opponent wants “parks-for-all” in the spirit of “medicare-for-all.” 
  13. Member of the GOP: Josh and his wife have been active in the Washington County Republican Party for a decade. He has volunteered for lit drops and attended numerous GOP and other conservative group fundraisers. 
  14. Sales Tax for Property Tax Relief: Josh supports the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty’s position on sales tax. In a debate, his opponent called WILL “frivolous.” Josh will use the sales tax to continue to cut the levy and actually return the money to taxpayers. His opponent says he’s going to return the money to the people by letting local governments use it to spend more. 
  15. Josh Cut Government in Every Metric: As county administrator, Josh sold excess county land, reduced the number of county employees, cut the property tax levy, reduced debt, crashed the tax rate, and razed excess buildings. Liberals attack Josh because of his efforts to shrink the size of government 

Josh Schoemann is the experienced candidate who is ready to lead the reddest county as the most conservative county executive in Wisconsin. 

Voters can learn more about Josh and the campaign at,, or on Twitter @JoshSchoemann

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