Schoemann Responds to Board Action on County Golf Course Annexation

County Board vote shows need for a leader who is people focused

West Bend, WI — At the January board meeting, the county board voted to request the City of Hartford annex the Washington County Golf Course and Family Park. Josh Schoemann, candidate for County Executive, issued the following response:

The day before the county board vote, I visited with neighbors of the subdivision immediately adjacent to the county course. In conversations at their kitchen tables and in their living rooms, it was abundantly clear that they wanted to delay the annexation as long as possible. Even though the annexation is within the strategic growth plan, sewer service growth boundaries and is not part of plans for farmland preservation, there was no urgency to moving forward now. 

County government must improve its communication with voters. That is why I am running a campaign focused on the people. This vote is just another example of the evidence that now was the time to move to an elected county leader. The voters should be responsible for who leads the county, which means the voters effectively elect the vision for the county. 

The County Executive works for the people. The County Administrator works for the board. I am excited about the opportunity to work directly for the people and move an agenda forward with the mandate of voters. For me, focusing on the people is not just a slogan; it is the requirement of a good County Executive. We don’t need a cheerleader, we need a proven leader.

In the coming weeks, I will be announcing opportunities for the voters to get a beer or coffee with me. I hope many voters will join me across the county to discuss the future of our community. 

Voters can learn more about Josh and the campaign at,, or on Twitter @JoshSchoemann. The election for Washington County’s first executive 

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