“I remain committed to giving my all to Washington County. That means finding unique solutions and creative ways to save taxpayers’ money, while continuing to provide quality services.
I’m working to ensure that we continue to retain families and businesses, and become a destination for new talent to emerge. We’re making positive progress every day, and I know that our best days are still ahead of us.
The following is a list of elected leaders who represent Washington County who share my vision for safe, affordable, and prosperous communities, and who have endorsed my campaign for reelection. It’s an honor to have earned such robust support.”
– Josh

Washington County Constitutional Officers

Marty Schulteis, Sheriff
“Josh is a tireless champion for law enforcement and has always supported law and order in Washington County.  I am proud to support Josh’s re-election campaign and partner with him to keep Washington County safe.” – Marty Schulteis

Scott Henke, Treasurer
“Josh’s leadership of Washington County saves taxpayers money and keeps county government small and accountable. Washington County is better off than it was four years ago thanks to Josh’s strong leadership.” – Scott Henke

Mark Bensen, District Attorney
Sarah Adjemian, Clerk of Circuit Court
Sharon Martin, Register of Deeds

Washington County Board of Supervisors

Board Chair Jeffrey Schleif, District 18
“Josh is a valued partner of the County Board and a tireless advocate for Washington County taxpayers. I look forward to his continued leadership and am proud to support his re-election campaign.” – Jeffrey Schleif

Supervisor Joseph Vespalec, District 1
Supervisor Marietta Bailey, District 2
Supervisor Denis Kelling, District 3
Supervisor Linda Gurath, District 5
Supervisor John Schodron, District 8
Supervisor Kenneth Mikulec, District 10
Supervisor James Burg, District 11
Supervisor Jeffrey Millikin, District 12
Supervisor Brian Gallitz, District 13
Supervisor Jodi Schulteis, District 16
Supervisor Carroll Merry, District 17
Supervisor Tony Thoma, District 19
Supervisor Michael Schwab, District 20
Supervisor Robert Hartwig, District 21

Washington County Chief Elected Officials

Bob Bingen, Chair, Town of Addison
Dave DeLuka, President, Village of Newburg
Bob Hartwig, Chair, Town of Jackson
John Jeffords, President, Village of Richfield
Dennis Kenealy, Chair, Town of Erin
Carl Klemme, Chair, Town of Wayne
Ryan Lippert, Chair, Town of Hartford
Mike Lipscomb, Chair, Town of Trenton
Paul Metz, Chair, Town of Germantown
Butch Schulteis – Chair, Town of Polk
Scott Wollner- Chair, Town of Kewaskum
Dean Wolter – President, Village of Germantown
Troy Zagel – Chair, Town of West Bend